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Research Data Resources and Management: Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans

A data management plan is a document developed at the beginning of a research project and updated throughout that describes:

  • What research data you will be creating or collecting.
  • Who will be responsible for each aspect of the management plan you are developing.
  • What policies (funding, institutional, and legal) will apply to your data.
  • How the data will be organised (folder structures, file naming conventions, file versioning).
  • How the data will be documented during the collection and analysis phase of your research.
  • What data management practices (backups, storage, access control, archiving) you will use to store & secure your data.
  • What facilities and equipment will be required (hard-disk space, backup server, repository).
  • Who will have ownership and access rights to your data.
  • How the data will be preserved and made available in the long term once your research is completed.

EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh. Research Data MANTRA.

DMP Tool

The DMPTool helps researchers create data management plans (DMPs). It provides guidance from specific funders who require DMPs, but the tool can be used by anyone interested in developing generic DMPs to help facilitate their research. 

Quick Start Guide