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Mobile Resources: Calculators and diagnostic tools

This guide is a collection of resources for mobile technologies that are available for the UA Health Sciences Library users.

Medical Calculators & Diagnostic Tools

ABG apple logo Free

ABG is a multipurpose medical calculator. The three calculators include functionality to:
1) Analyse arterial blood gasses
2) Output a recommended FIO2, given a determined pO2, FIO2 and a desired pO2

Available for iphone, ipod touch, ipad

Anesthesia Clinical Tutor and Calculator (ACTc)   apple logo windows mobile logo Free

Designed to teach and simplify the calculations that are involved in the practice of Anesthesia. Available for iphone, ipod touch, ipad, and windows mobile.

Archimedes apple, android, blackberry, palm OS, windows mobile Free

Access 70 formulas by alphabetical listing, category listing or historical listing. Available for ipone, ipad, ipod touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, and windows mobile.

BioGPS apple logo Free

A gene portal which allows users to easily search for a gene and browse data on gene & protein function for a number of online databases. For iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

BioTools apple logo Free

From Gene Link includes laboratory bench calculations & a brief course in molecular genetics.  Geared towards life scientists including undergraduate & graduate students. For iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. 

BMI Caculator apple logo Free

The National Heart Blood and Lung Institute's BMI calculator, available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

Cambio apple logo Free

An easy to use unit converter, available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

Concussion Recognition & Response apple logo $3.99

An app for doctors, coaches, and parents to recognize whether an individual is exhibiting and/or reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion and respond quickly and appropriately. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

CPR Game apple logo $1.99

This is an interactive app to help providers simulate cardiac arrest cases. The app allows an individual to practice a simulated cardiac arrest scenario on an iPhone. The game is won by completing all “critical actions” in a timely manner and avoiding any harmful actions. More details here. Available for iPhone & iPod Touch

CPT E/M QuickRef apple logo Free

Developed by the American Medical Association for physicians, this on-the-go reference guide helps you determine the appropriate CPT Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes to use for billing quickly, easily and accurately. Featuring both decision-tree logic and quick search options, this critical app allows you to digitally track the codes you select and then e-mail them anywhere. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

Epocrates MedTools Apps for iPhone apple logo Free

A collection of free medical apps from Epocrates, including BMI tool,Cardiomath Tool,Seattle Heart Failure Risk Calc, and Stat Cholesterol. Available for iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

FRAX by Doctot itunes app $5.99

The Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX) is a set of algorithms developed by the World Health Organization to assess an individual’s ten year probability of fracture.Doctot FRAX also includes features such as: 
- a Patient Results Management System (e.g Save, Delete & Sort options) 
- the Automatic Email Generation of each patient assessment result 
- PIN Protection for security purposes
- Shake-to-Reset Scale functionality 

Available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. 

GeneIndex apple logo Free

The app allows you to search for genes by symbol or description, download files to use offline, share files, and search PubMed. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. 

GenomePad apple logo Free

The app allows you to create customizable searches.  Other features include genome track zooming & chromosome repositioning via navigation buttons. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. 

iCut DNA apple logo Free

The app allows you to search the Restriction Enzyme Database (REBASE) for enzymes and the DNA nucleotide sequences they cleave. You can use it to find commonly used (type II) restriction enzymes by name or by specifying the recognition. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

Instant Heart Rate apple logo Android windows phone Free 

Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to detect the pulse from your fingertip – leveraging similar technique as used in pulse oximeters. The free version is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone.

MedCalc  apple logo $0.99

Access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications, including a very large ( > 200) selection of relevant formulas, scores, scales and classifications • Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula, support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

MentSTAT palm OS logo Free

MentSTAT provides an easy single-view tool to administer and score the standard mini mental status exam. Available for Palm OS.

NEB Tools apple logo Free

Mobile tools from New England Biolabs, Inc. Use Enzyme Finder to select a restriction enzyme by category or recognition sequence, or search by name to find information on any NEB enzyme. Sort your results so they make sense to you, then email them to your inbox or connect directly to Determine buffer and reaction conditions for experiments requiring two restriction enzymes using the Double Digest Finder. When using either of these tools, look for Time-Saver and HF enzymes for the ultimate in convenience.  Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

SCAT2-Sport Concussion Assessment Tool  apple logo Free android $4.00

This tool represents a standardized method of evaluating injured athletes for concussion and can be used in athletes aged from 10 years and older. It supersedes the original SCAT published in 2005. This tool also enables the calculation of the Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) score and the Maddocks questions for sideline concussion assessment. Available FREE for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch, $4.00 for Android. Click here for Android.

STAT Cholesterol apple logo Free

STAT Cholesterol is an interactive tool that guides healthcare professionals through the latest and most common cardiovascular risk calculations, including the Framingham Risk Score calculation (from the ATP III Guidelines for treatment of high cholesterol) and several others. Available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

StatCoder  apple logo Free

StatCoder has a number of free apps for clinical diagnostic tools, available for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.